"X Coaching is definitely recommendable. There's a wide range of knowledge/wisdom that allows them to provide clear & helpful answers to questions you may have. Furthermore, the one to one skills that Is available is second to none which gives you and them the opportunity to connect in a unique way resulting in highly productive sessions.​"

- Elliot Defriates


"X Coaching is recommendable as they are an outstanding team! They love everyone on the same level. They don't judge anyone. They will push you to create your best version. They have so much love. They are patient and will adapt their teaching skills as you grow.​​"

- Tarisai Robinson

Create Your Best Version

X Coaching delivers you from feeling stuck with a sense of something is missing, to taking ownership of life and moving with a purpose. Together we will guide you from your insecurities and fears by putting them in perspective to enable you to think from a higher viewpoint, giving you a sense of lasting freedom that you crave. Let's create your best version.

Begin your journey of refinement to your best self.


Happiness is found when we know who we truly are and it is amplified when we move purposely towards our goals. Beginning with you, together we will create the bridge that will direct you towards your best version. 

One to One

Warming conversations allow the opportunity of deep understanding and personal development to blossom. This creates an environment of growth with a lot of "oh wow, I didn't see it like that" moments. 

Group Chat

If you feel like others will benefit from what you are learning, Set up a group conversation by your preferred method of contact.

Happy Girl

It's Free

For a limited time, X Coaching is free. Take advantage of a service that gets you directed towards your dream version for free!