SWOT Analysis

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Bury St Edmunds is growing to become a competitive town. Through our services, we are obliged to adding value where we see possible. Whether it is through Social Media, Web Design or over-delivering our Business Content Creation, we use our resources to keep our clients ahead.

When it comes to property in Bury we have identified these important factors. This analysis is part of a wider study, so more information and more insight on the subject will follow.


  • State support (subsidies and grants), support within enforcement proceedings prompt problem solving due to the line of command and applying administrative methods

  • Availability of emergency repair reserve (+ expensive equipment)

  • The loyalty of authorities and their interest in good image

  • Lack of real competition from the part of private maintenance companies

  • Availability of sufficient skilled staff

  • A big company can serve more clients

  • Independence from the state budget and in decision making

  • Entitled to take part in a tender for any collective home ownership management.


  • Current planning legislation limits the development of new space

  • Limited global presence

  • Uncertainty and fluctuations in asset values are high.


  • Increased demand in Bury St Edmunds for existing high-quality retail accommodation