How to Maintain Balance

"Life is like swimming. To keep your balance you must keep moving”

Balance is what we often need but sometimes lack. It is important because, with it, we feel like there is order and a greater significance in our efforts. Life gives us a path of least resistance when we are able to juggle what is thrown in at us. Just when things seem OK, we fall victim to a new drama that forces us to stretch beyond our comfort. It seems to be any possibility; due payments, an illness, home life is good but business is bad. Business is good but at home it's bad. Granted, some of it could be from our own doing. But like what pain does to the body, it brings our attention to an important issue we need to deal with.

The first thing to do is not to feel overwhelmed. When we are overwhelmed we make decisions that aren't from a balanced mind. Next, we can dissect the cause and effect of what is happening. This information will be crucial in prevention from it continuing again. Now figure out where you want to be. This thought will lead to the next point which is listing resources available to get you back grounded. Think of anything and anyone that will correctly help. Finally, take immediate action. Waiting could cost you money and what's more valuable, your time. But going back to the cause and effect is where most people fall short. You may recognize the problem such as a person in your life, a bad habit or something you're holding on to. When you learn to deal with the core, you give your self permission to release energy towards the more important people, goals and things in your life.

In career and business, I hear from clients that they want to find their balance. I  sometime show them how to map out there lives so that their efforts make sense. But I let them know being out of balance is often good for us. It challenges us to learn how to adapt to life. It is an inevitability that forces us to grow. This perspective welcomes balance allowing clients to welcome the challenge. Once you learn how to deal with it. You grow wiser to the next challenge. Then when you do, There are ways to implement a systems that makes repetitive challenges easier to deal with. Now your life just got a little bit easier. An example will be separating a percentage of your income. Now your bills can be extracted from one account and the rest is in your main account. If you'd like to go further, there are ways for you to have a second income to pay off your bills.

That level of thinking wouldn't have come if you maintained balance though. Imagine how you can apply systems in your life or business for the things that pull you away from your center. Brainstorming is a major part of my goal. The power of two minds in harmony can achieve an agreed goal.