Branding & Marketing

"Your story plus emotion creates your brand and market"

Whether you know or not. You have a personal brand. If you have social media. It is seen as your go-to place for a client or company to view you and understand what you’re really about. This applies to an individual as well as a business. So you may not even have a business but because you have a profile, that is where your branding lies.Branding is storytelling. The best storytellers use the audience imagination to fill in the blanks whilst directing them to the teller’s conclusion. The best brands allow the power of curiosity to sell the product or service. This is all wrapped around feeding people with desire. There is a mix to use in order to be the best brand.


Your why is the reason you do what you do. Truth is relatable in any market. Break down your truth in emotional captivity and you have grasped your audience attention.


What you do must be clear and short. Even if you have multiple features, just show the best few and when they find out about the rest they’ll be even more excited about the product or service. Especially with new products or services. You must teach the audience what you have to do, otherwise, you have wasted the precious seconds you clawed for. People tend to move on from focus after around 3 seconds. So when you teach. Teach in such a way that is simple, smooth and entertaining. This can be easily done in your story.


How you do what you do? How can they receive your offer? Is it available through links on your advertising? Or do they have to physically go somewhere? Your audience will engage more when you make it more convenient. Or appear to be convenient.


How you execute your display of what you have is important. You have to make the audience feel like it’s the next best thing that can’t be missed. You have to make them believe in the hype you’ve created.

The best performer to me was Apple. They added showmanship and the audience was left with their imagination to play with Apple’s products in their mind. The style of packaging, as well as simplicity, was perfect for the time. Apple’s products weren’t always successful, however, using the key ingredients, they delivered. Also, the product itself lived up to the hype.

The difficult thing is that not everybody receives information the same. Some prefer auditory stimulation others, visual, aesthetic and some are auditory digital. Knowing how to manipulate your marketing to satisfy all of these is where the pros play. Considering strategies to have a campaign that grows your brand with this in mind will push you that little bit ahead of the curve. In the marketing business, the little push is all you need. To be an elite, you prepare for the tools that haven’t found a platform yet. Budgeting for the unknown is scary because the return on investment isn’t immediate but when the opportunity presents itself meet it with preparation and you’ve won.

Please don’t waste time using every media outlet. Although each one has its own value. Doesn’t mean the value is for you. Your audience may not use the outlet you do.

It is ok to rebrand yourself. Sell that story too. The history books prove it’s possible. Individuals have done it and so have tycoons. It’s called pivoting. Entrepreneurs know how pivoting from one thing to another created their success.