Away & Towards Motivation

“Motivation is a push. Inspiration is a pull”

We all have goals we want to achieve. Getting there and staying motivated during the processes of fulfilling the goal can be tricky sometimes.


There are two factors that play roles in why we want to achieve a goal. The “away” factor represents what we don’t want to happen anymore so we do something about it. For example, when your throat is dry from an exhaustive workout you are motivated by dehydration to immediately grab a refreshing drink.


The second factor is “towards”. This occurs when there’s no initial reason to take an action, other than the thought of what you’d like to see present in your life. An example could be when you’re with your relative’s house and they are putting stuff away. You offer help because it seems as though it’s needed. You give a gift of your service and you feel rewarded internally.

Pain, however, is a stronger motivator in the short term. It is a relief from discomfort. So, what your brain does is focuses on the quickest outcome to get you out of a situation. As an example, have you ever been poor and thought to steal? ”Desperate times call for desperate measures”. That thought, even though wrong, is your brain giving you an option. Pleasure is also a strong motivator but not in the short term, which is why people fail when achieving some goals. Yet when they get close to their goal, they are pulled in to it.

A common example is when your bank statement is in minus and your next bill charge is the next day. Fear kicks in and you become highly focused to supplement your account. If you do succeed, the motivation to keep finding money goes and your mind is at ease. This is where the problem begins. Your unconscious mind likes excitement as it is your best idea maker when having goals. So it helps you get back to square one in order to fill the rush you need to make money. And now ideas start popping up again. Now life feels like a roller coaster. To let your subconscious mind and your life feel at ease, in this case, will be to actively create a towards motivator. Present a goal with a plan to build upon. Ideas will flood in to figure out the goal. The motivation energy will be low in the beginning but will pick up the closer to your goal you get. This change in motivation presents a progressive, fulfilling and rewarding form of growth.

Let’s say you are my client. normally, you’d contact me motivated because of your away factor. You want a change. We will outline goals in various aspects of your business and then we’ll orchestrate the best path to achievement. During the process, I will keep you grounded, hold you accountable and give you access to my resources to allow ease during your journey.

Personally, I have away and towards factors for my goals. For me, it keeps me highly motivated. I show clients that they may have some too. We learn to use the power of both.

Whatever you do, recognise your motivations and see where the roller coasters are in your life and apply a positive change.